“A person himself believes that all the other portraits are good likenesses except the one of himself.”
—Edvard Munch

Welcome! My name is Aileen.

As a child, I didn't gravitate with longing toward baubles but instead wanted the beautifully framed photographs showing my Old World forebears who not only had influenced my very being but also had imbued me with personality traits often making my mother wonder "Where did she get that?" And I could think of no better inheritance than those images. Changing technology may not secure our current digital images, but a century-old archival image can be re-photographed and preserved on new ancestor walls in new homes for centuries to come.

To me, photography goes beyond art and function. It is healing and empowerment. Sometimes we don't see our beauty and strength until someone shows us our value. As an international portrait photography award winner and forever-student of human nature and nuance, I understand the importance of image and brand and how to direct you to what you need from your images, personally and professionally. No matter who you are or what you love, we will be able to relate, and in doing so, I will capture your value.

Fortune has honored me with a job that is my hobby, but when I'm not creating photos, I'm engaged in spirited conversation with friends, larking about Near Southside or downtown Fort Worth with my best friend and husband, or doing T'ai Chi Ch'uan 108 and yoga for an audience of two rescued fur babies.

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Lose not your tender smiles and graced light to the century you inhabit. Rather capture your unique infinity. #CAPTUREYOURINFINITY

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